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Making it Real: Immersing Students in Week Long Enterprise Resource Planning Simulations

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Phoenix, AZ

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Conference Presentation

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Conference for Industry and Education Collaboration (CIEC) Engineering Education in an Era of Globalization


Examples are covered here of internships, capstone projects, engineering centers, and other methods to work with industry to give students more real world experiences. At Carnegie Mellon University assessing the impact of mandatory internships on employability of recent college graduates in Mexico is taking place. At Weber State University changing capstone projects in a way to improve the curriculum is happening. At Texas A&M University telecommunication engineering technology students are learning via the Cisco Test Engineering Center. At Purdue University – West Lafayette they are making it real by immersing students in week long enterprise resource planning simulations. At Rochester Institute of Technology curriculum development driven by industry input is taking place. At Vancouver Island University their Mission Impossible is providing maximum learning in minimum time. And at Florida Atlantic University engineers and other people are communicating engineering results to a larger audience.