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The So What Distribution Company, Inc.: A Business Plan for a Business That Never Planned

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Albuquerque, NM

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Panel Discussion

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35th SWPACA (Southwest Popular/American Culture Association) Annual Conference


Over the past seventeen years the Grateful Dead Scholars Caucus, the informal group comprising the Grateful Dead area of the Southwest Popular Culture Association, has grown, evolved and matured in a remarkable way. It continues to increase its appeal to new scholars while retaining a solid core of dedicated researchers who strive to explain the Grateful Dead experience through their own special research lenses. Perhaps most remarkable is how this group has evolved in many ways like the Grateful Dead itself, such as by relying on consensus and open communication. This presentation will examine the evolution of this unique group through the lens of organizational behavior theory by considering such aspects as the stages of group development, high performance organizations, organizational structure, decision-making, conflict and negotiation, and shared leadership.


Barry Barnes was also the Panel Chair.