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The Ethics of Management and Situational Leadership in Afghanistan


The Ethics of Management and Situational Leadership in Afghanistan


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Several decades of war and its subsequent civil turmoil has brought devastating destruction throughout Afghanistan. Unfortunately, due to the circumstances beyond the control of ordinary citizens, the beautiful country of Afghanistan has endured many long-lasting and painful injuries in the past 25 years, and as a result it is suffering from lack of resources, mismanagement of the workforce, water pollution, air pollution, incomplete learning environment, animosity among people, and perhaps hundreds of other debilitating elements that threaten and hinder the speedy progress of the country. Furthermore, despite having a democratic environment, some people are still dealing with sporadic violence, animosity, and the consequences of inappropriate war techniques, such as the use of depleted uranium in metal penetrating bombs used in Afghanistan by various friendly and unfriendly forces. This is a book about the realities of war in Afghanistan, delivering value, management, and building the leadership skills of the workforce while setting high ethical standards. It is for those individuals who wish to become acquainted with leadership philosophy, management, ethical reasoning, and especially the application of these topics to business and entrepreneurship for both the creation and delivery of value in recovering economies, especially in Afghanistan. The book aims to introduce the reader to situational leadership, management, service, ethics, value delivery, and concepts that are relevant to reconditioning the Afghan workforce toward knowledge and productivity. The material is designed to be useful to employees and managers both in government and in the private sector who want to integrate effective decision-making skills into their operations.



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The Ethics of Management and Situational Leadership in Afghanistan
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