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Globalization and the Demise of the Market Economy

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Globalization and the Demise of the Market Economy

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Capitalism and Its Challenges across Borders: Perspectives from the Asian, African and American Continents


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Economic systems, especially capitalism, must stand on a foundation of morality and justice for the rich and poor alike if it is to be sustainable over time. The idea is to create sustainable forms of economic systems that will produce long-term value for all stakeholders of the community in a fair manner. This book highlights that pure capitalism may not be suitable for all nations and cultures as there are diverse expectations and economic infrastructures. This book provides relevant cross-cultural knowledge, written by natives and experts on each country, for students, academicians, entrepreneurs, and policy makers by covering capitalism challenges such as corruption from the following nations in four different continents of Asia, Africa, North America and South America: 1. Afghanistan 2. China 3. Cuba 4. Ghana 5. Haiti 6. India 7. Jamaica 8. Japan 9. Nigeria 10. Pakistan 11. Singapore 12. Thailand 13. USA 14. Uganda 15. Vietnam 16. Venezuela This book serves as a tool for business success, social responsibility, and organizational sustainability. It is a good read for business and economic students and managers in both the public and private sectors.



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ILEAD Academy


Davie, FL




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Globalization and the Demise of the Market Economy
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