(Not So) “Vicious and Depraved”: Ida Lupino's Portraits of Men

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(Not So) “Vicious and Depraved”: Ida Lupino's Portraits of Men

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Ida Lupino, Filmmaker


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Book Chapter


Phillip Sipiora


Ida Lupino, Filmmaker begins with an exploration of biographical studies and analytical treatments of Lupino's film and television work as director, moving forward to assess Lupino's career in film and television with particular attention given to Lupino's singular, pioneering achievements and her role(s) within the cultural milieu(s) of her time, particularly the representation of women in cinema. Each chapter includes a close analysis of the film or television work with insights drawn from film history and cultural/gender studies to demonstrate that Lupino was a significant directorial figure in the development of film, especially in the late 1940s and early 1950s-and in television extending well into the 1960s. Lupino left her imprint on filmmaking and her canon of film and television work continue to influence Hollywood movie making.

The contributors to this volume assess Lupino's main strengths as a filmmaker-her treatment of narrative movement, plotting, dialogue, gender roles, and uses of tradition representations of men and women in frames of parody and satire. The book collectively examines the successes (and failures) of Lupino's directorial career, including focusing on the reasons why she initially proved to be so strategic to the progress of women behind the camera.



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Bloomsbury Publishing


Ida Lupino, filmmaker, biography


Arts and Humanities | Film and Media Studies | Film Production

(Not So) “Vicious and Depraved”: Ida Lupino's Portraits of Men
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