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Rhet Map: Mapping Rhetoric and Composition


As part of’s experiment mapping the Composition and Rhetoric (C/R) category of the Modern Language Association (MLA) Job Information List (JIL), we present the following summary of the 2012–13 job market season. scraped the MLA JIL C/R data once a week from September 2012 to July 2013. By the first week of July, 2013 there were approximately 282 listings posted. Of those listings, 205 were posted by December 31, 2012 or in the first four months of the 2012–13 job market. In the next four sections we have broken down the C/R into four categories: geography, type of institution (two-/four- year), rank of position advertised, and job titles. Download the PDF here or view the report below. We welcome your feedback and insights in the comments below or on twitter via the hashtag #rhetmap.