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A transitional Model for the Introduction of Technology

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Orlando, FL / March 1995

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Conference Proceeding

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FETC 1995


Modern educational technology such as microcomputers and associated multimedia components are commonplace in many school systems. Many non-technologically oriented teaching professionals, however, are hesitant about integrating this technology into their curriculum. A three-phase model for the integration of this technology into the curriculum is presented. In the first phase, classrooms with no technological integration (traditional classrooms) are examined, the second phase looks at the introduction of technology into the classroom (transitional classrooms) and the third phase looks at classrooms where technology is fully integrated into the learning process (future classrooms). This transitional phase is the focus of the remainder of the presentation.

Many teaching professionals are currently experiencing the transitional phase in that they are being forced to learn new skills in order to adapt to the use of technology in the workplace. In discussing this transition, models for the integration of technology as well as potential pitfalls to integration are discussed. The presentation concludes by presenting techniques that facilitate the introduction of technology as well as ideas that allow users of technology to make the best use of technological tools they have available.

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