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Towards a framework of biometrics exam authentication in e-learning environments

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Vancouver, BC, Canada / 2007

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Conference Proceeding

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Proceeding of the Information Resources Management Association International Conference (IRMA) 2007

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In the past fifteen years the use of Internet technologies has been substantially growing for delivery of educational content. E-learning environments have been incorporated in many universities for the delivery of e-learning courses. However, opponents of e-learning claim that a central disadvantage of such teaching medium is by growing academic misconduct in such environments. In particular, opponents of e-learning argue that the inability to authenticate exam takers is a major challenge of e-learning environments. As a result, some institutions proposed to take extreme measures including asking e-learning students to take exams in proctor centers or even abandon completely the offering of e-learning courses in their institutions. This paper attempts to address this important problem by proposing a framework that incorporates available fingerprint biometric authentication technologies in conjunction with e-learning environments to curb unethical conduct during e-learning exam taking. The proposed framework suggests practical solution that can incorporate a repeated fingerprint biometric user authentication during exam taking in e-learning courses. Doing so is hypothesized to curb exam cheating in e-learning environments.