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Voice Mail: A Way To Enhance Faculty Office Hours

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Doctor of Education in Computer Education


Center for Computer and Information Sciences


Thomas MacFarland

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Gerorge K. Fornshell

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John Kingsburry


Voice Mail: A way to enhance faculty office hours. Yebba, Anthony R. 1989: A dissertation submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Doctor of Education in computer education at Nova University.

Descriptors: Voice Mail / Voice Messaging / PhoneMail Faculty Voice Mail / Faculty Office Hours and Voice Mail / Voice Mail Faculty Office Hours the writer addressed the problem of limited faculty office hours available for student help. Based on interviews with several faculty members and students, the writer determined that students found it difficult to meet with the faculty because of either limited faculty office hours or time conflicts.

The writer used a project planning model as the means of reaching a solution to the problem. The goal of the project was to provide an alternative method of faculty office hours by using a voice mail procedure. The writer used the college's voice messaging technology to develop a voice mail procedure that allowed students to send messages to the faculty. The faculty could call voice mail at any time to listen to and respond to student questions. The students could periodically check for answers to their questions and retrieve them. The system was defined by a systems definition team and implemented by the voice Mail Systems Administrator. The systems definition team completely tested the new voice mail procedure and corrected any errors encountered.

A training guide was developed and a faculty test group was trained on the procedure. The system was operational during a four week period to ascertain its success or failure. On completion of the test period, the faculty and the students were provided with survey forms to record their evaluation and comments. Based on the analysis of the faculty and student surveys, the Director of Information Services recommended that the new procedure be made available to the entire faculty.

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