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Marketing the Learning resources Center at South Florida Community College: A Business Approach

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Doctor of Science


Center for Computer-Based Learning


Marlyn Kemper Littman

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Gerorge K. Fornshell

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John Kingsbury


Administrators in many community college libraries must deal with dwindling funds, rising costs of materials, and staff shortages. The increased pressures and competition that result from outside Forces (technological innovations, networks, user demands, and the increased information requirements of the 19905) compel library professionals to rethink their position in today's world. With the library no longer perceived as an information monopoly, the need for that institution is being questioned. The Learning Resources Center of South Florida Community College (LRC/SFCC) is among community college libraries with an uncertain future. To survive and prosper, strategic management, planning, marketing, and public relations must play an essential part in this future. By conducting a four-month marketing campaign from May-August 1990, the LRC/SFCC demonstrated the value of such strategies for increasing knowledge and usage of its resources and services.

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