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The Development of an Intranet-based Electronic Performance Support System for Knowledge Management Workers

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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Graduate School of Computer and Information Sciences


Getrude W. Abramson

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Gerorge K. Fornshell

Committee Member

Marlyn Kemper Littman


This project was designed to explore the definition, design, and development of an intranet-based, electronic performance support system (EPSS) to provide knowledge workers with access to knowledge management resident on the World Wide Web (WWW). Knowledge management is a new field emerging at the confluence of organizational theory, management strategy, and management information systems. This field is emerging in a highly competitive, global environment where knowledge is perishable. It is also an environment where information is abundant via the WWW. Organizations have made significant investments in information technology and information technology-based solutions to remain competitive in this environment. Today's knowledge worker or participant in the knowledge management environment lacks the time, skills and knowledge to explore and exploit the online resources available through the WWW. The use of an intranet as EPSS is a relatively new concept. This project reviewed the concepts of knowledge, knowledge management, knowledge workers, intellectual assets and capital, and learning organizations, as well as the use of EPSS and intranets. An intranet-based, EPSS, code named eTools, was developed as a pilot for knowledge workers in the Options by IBM organization located in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina. An evaluation was completed to determine if the eTools project met the needs of the target population of knowledge workers. The evaluation found that the target population frequently used the WWW, with a majority of the population using accessing the Internet at least once a day. Usage of the intranet site was lower, in the range of less than once a week; however, the users responded that an intranet was the best method to communicate the project content. Based on the criteria set by the sponsoring management team and the evaluation results, the study found that the information and knowledge requirements of the Options by IBM knowledge workers were satisfactorily met utilizing through the eTools pilot.

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