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The Adaptation and Implementation of ISTE Standards in the Integration of Technology-based Learning in the Classroom

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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Graduate School of Computer and Information Sciences


Timothy Ellis

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Getrude W. Abramson

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George K. Fornshell


Children must be introduced to information technology in the school environment to be competitive in this new information society; however, teachers are not adequately prepared to provide technology-supported instruction to children in a meaningful way. This descriptive study documented the process of adapting and implementing existing information technology standards developed by the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) to address the local needs of the Toronto District School Board. The Toronto District School Board is a K-12 educational institution located in Toronto, Canada, with approximately 30,000 staff and a student population of over 300,000. The study process occurred in four phases: the establishment of a set of criteria to adapt and implement ISTE standards, the validation of the established criteria, the adaptation and implementation of the ISTE standards, and an evaluation of the adapted and implemented I STE standards.

A Criteria Committee comprised of secondary school teachers established the criteria to adapt and implement the existing I STE standards. A group of education experts validated the established criteria. A Standards Committee worked with a Formative Committee of secondary school teachers to adapt the ISTE standards to address the needs of the local school district. The Standards Committee consisted of competency experts and experts from the field of education. Adaptation procedures addressed the criteria identified and validated. The adapted ISTE standards were implemented as a pi lot study to identify potential problem areas that were corrected prior to involving the entire school district.

An Evaluation Committee evaluated the efficacy of the adapted and implemented ISTE standards and practices. The outcome of this descriptive study was a documented process for a local school district to adapt and implement ISTE standards to integrate technology based learning into the classroom.

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