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The Implementation and Integration of the Interactive Markup Language to the Distributed Component Object Model Protocol in the Application of Distributed File System Security

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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Graduate School of Computer and Information Sciences


S. Rollins Guild

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Raul Salazar

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Junping Sun


This dissertation is about the implementation and integration of the interactive markup language to the distributed component object model protocol with the application to modeling distributed file system security. Among the numerous researches in network security, the file system usually plays in the least important role of the spectrum. From the simple Disk Operating System (DOS) to modern Network Operating System (NOS), the file system relies only on one or more login passwords to protect it from being misused. Today the most thorough protection scheme for the file system is from virus protection and removal application, but it does not prevent a hostile but well-behaved program from deleting files or formatting hard disk. There are several network-monitoring systems that provide packet-level examination, although they suffer significant degradation in system performance.

In order to accomplish this objective, the implementation and integration of an interactive markup language to the distributed component object model protocol is created. The framework is also associated with the network security model for protecting the file system against unfriendly users or programs. The research will utilize a comprehensive set of methods that include software signature, caller identification, backup for vital files, and encryption for selected system files. It is expected that the results of this work are sufficient so those component objects can be implemented to support the integration definitions defined in this dissertation. In addition, it is expected that the extensions and techniques defined in this work may have further utilization in similar theoretical and applied problem domains.

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