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Design and Implementation of a Prototype Toolset for Full Life-Cycle Management of Web-Based Application

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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Graduate School of Computer and Information Sciences


John A. Scigliano

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Maxine S. Cohen

Committee Member

Sumitra Mukherjee


The goal in this study was the design and prototype implementation of procedures, programs, views, schema, and data (toolset) for the management of Web applications. This toolset pertained to all phases of the Web application's life including design, construction, deployment, operation, and change. The toolset built upon key functional perspectives including accounting, administration, automation, availability, business, capacity, change, configuration, fault, operations, performance, problem, security, service level, and software distribution.

The main problems addressed by the researcher through the toolset were the lack of support in a number of key areas such as keeping applications available and performing well, making applications easy to fix when they fail, making applications easier to change and maintain, and ensuring that applications are secure. The toolset addressed these challenges and at the same time reduced the impact of application complexity, the labor needed, and the skill required to achieve Web application manageability. Joint application design techniques were used for requirements and design activities. A rapid application design approach was used for toolset implementation, planning, and construction. Evaluation was done using a five-question survey that focused on input about the toolset's software attributes and technology, level of satisfaction with the toolset, and perceived contribution of the toolset to the organization. It is expected that this research project will be used as input for future service-based offerings for IBM's e-Business Hosting line of business.

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