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The Interaction Between Cognitive Learning Styles And Academic Achievement When Using A Multimedia(Hypermedia) Instructional Delivery System In A High School Zoology Course

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Doctor of Education in Computer Education


Center for Computer and Information Sciences


John Kingsburry

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Steven R. Terrell

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Preston Jones


The purpose of this study was to determine the effects of using a multimedia (hypermedia) instructional delivery system on content learning (achievement) for various learning styles of high school zoology students. Educators have long realized that it is impossible to teach students all they need to know, especially today with the evolution of an information society. The literature reviewed for this study indicates that there is a definite movement for change and restructuring in education and use of technology will definitely play a major role in these changes.

A one group pre and posttest design was used. A multimedia program was created for this study using HyperCard as the authoring system and the Bio Sci" laser disc. The Kolb Learning Style Inventory (LSI) was utilized to determine the student's cognitive learning style. The student's achievement level was measured by an achievement test that was developed by the researcher. It is concluded from this study that using a multimedia instructional delivery system increased learning regardless of learning style and was equally beneficial to all types of learning style preferences. It is recommended that use of multimedia be given consideration as a viable method of instruction.

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