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The Use of Presentation Software(PS) by College Faculty in an Undergraduate Institution to Enhance Their Teaching

Date of Award


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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Graduate School of Computer and Information Sciences


Getrude W. Abramson

Committee Member

Gerorge K. Fornshell

Committee Member

Robert B. Lipton


College Faculty, in small institutions, are reluctant to upgrade their classroom presentations to include multimedia support. Research has indicated that traditional instruction persists because of insufficient faculty training in the use of appropriate technologies, inaccessibility of hardware and software, and a general unawareness of presentation software that can provide a user-friendly introduction to multimedia technology in the presentation process. The goal of this dissertation is to move Siena Heights College faculty in the direction of technology supported teaching and learning. This work is a giant first step in that process. It involves selection and purchase of appropriate multimedia hardware and software, creation of a training manual, guided mastery of the tutorial material, preparation and presentation of software supported classroom presentations, faculty and student feedback, and plans for college-wide technology development. The work performed will be readily applicable to small two and four year colleges operating on limited budgets.

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