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Doctor of Information Science


Graduate School of Computer and Information Sciences


Michael J. Lazlo

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Frank Mitropoulos

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Steven Zink


Web services provide organizations with a powerful infrastructure by which information and products may be distributed, but the task of supporting Web service systems can be difficult due to the complex nature of environment configuration and operation. Tools are needed to monitor and analyze such Enterprise environments so that appropriate engineering, quality control, or business activities can be pursued.

This investigation resulted in the development of a software development kit, the WSLogA Framework, which is inspired by the vision of Cruz et al. (2003, 2004). The WSLogA Framework provides distributed Enterprise systems with a platform for comprehensive information capture and environment management. Five component groups are intended for employment to enable integrated workflows addressing monitoring and response activities, but these components may also be used individually to facilitate the phased integration of the WSLogA Framework into existing environments. The WSLogA Framework's design is portable across technology platforms (e.g., Java and .NET) and a variety of technologies may be substituted for the provided implementations to address unique system architectures.

The WSLogA Framework supersedes existing logging and monitoring solutions in terms of both capability and intent. Applications based on the WSLogA Framework have an internal, real-time view of their operation and may adjust their environment based on the information provided by events related to their or system activities. The WSLogA Framework is intended as a software development kit around which system functionality may be organized and implemented, which makes the WSLogA Framework an architectural peer or complement to traditional application frameworks such as Spring's Web module. WSLogA Framework based systems should be envisioned as information appliance elements rather than traditionally scoped applications or services.

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