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Fall 2020

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According to my 23andMe results, I am 83.6% European, 12% East Asian and Native American, and 4% Sub-Saharan African. With my paternal line having the last names Pryor, Rogers and Wojciechowski, it is no surprise that I have significant ancestry in Northern Europe. For my maternal line, the last names Escobar, Orozco, and Martinez explain my ancestry in Southern Europe. The most surprising result was that I am 12% East Asian and Native American, especially because my family has never used that ethnicity to identify themselves. Since my maternal great-grandfather was born on land inhabited by indigenous peoples, it is possible that he contributed to this percentage, as well as my maternal great-grandmother whose background is unknown. Further, I discovered that my maternal haplogroup is C, which traces back to a woman who lived in Central Asia and the Americas 24,000 years ago. The biggest question that remains unanswered is who exactly contributed to my Native American ancestry, as well as what is the background and history of my maternal great-grandmother.