Project Title

Rise of Miranda

Submission Date

Winter 2019


Every story has a beginning. The question is: where exactly does one begin in the first place? The National Geographic allows us to go deep in the past by analyzing deep ancestry, regional ancestry, and take a glance of genius matches. The results demonstrated heavy roots in the native population, both North, and South American. It also showed migration patterns and a possible explanation of how my family got to Ecuador.

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History can be told from the point of view of different themes: my family history is best told as a love story. This project has allowed me to learn how past generations have fallen in love and how current generations continue to remain in love. The most memorable information I discovered is how my parents behaved when they married each other. They were and stay playful, comical, and generally up to shenanigans. From throwing ice-cream at each other to sneaking out of the house, my parents remain kids at heart. They may seem rigid at times, but there are small sparks that illustrate that they never really grew up.

For generations, most of my family has come from Ecuador. Most of the genealogical records were non-existent, even the Mormon Churches lacked information. All information was gathered by conversing with past generations. The national geographic DNA test shows almost a 50% connection to native South Americans. The greatest question remains: how back in history has my ancestors remained in Ecuador?

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