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The Broward Louis-Pulido-Stevens (LPS) Foundation was founded in 2016 by Richard Louis, Richard Pulido, and Kenisha Stevens in Broward County, Florida. The foundation was established to assist families in Broward County, Florida with housing and employment needs as part of the rehabilitation journey. The rehabilitation journey can be the need to achieve completed housing status when there is a transition point in one’s housing status as well as achieve optimal employment status when one with a criminal justice history is seeking to fully reintegrate into mainstream society. The foundation serves as a funding source for coordinated entry housing providers in Broward County, Florida and is the direct service provider of career development programs designed to optimize employment opportunities for ex-offenders. The following handbook outlines the foundation’s coordinated entry and referral processes to alleviate homelessness, the foundation’s career development program designed to optimize employment and employment opportunities for ex-offenders, and its comprehensive advancement plan to ensure the sustainment of its current and future success.

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