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Critical Thinking is an essential skill required to be an effective leader. Baldoni (2010) educates that critical thinking has always been a treasured and necessary skill in the field of leadership. This essential skill of critical thinking is necessary at J.E.D. Academy because our administration, faculty, and staff work in the field of leadership, being that we are leaders for our students. In addition, every organization should aim to create a working culture where critical thinkers are the norm amongst the staff, because critical thinking assists in creating a constructive working environment filled problem-solvers, positive thinkers, and influential leaders. As the head of the faculty and administration at J.E.D Academy, it is imperative to teach the educators, faculty, and staff the importance of thinking critically, thinking positively, and making rational decisions for the best of the academy, but most importantly, for the students. It is the duty of the leader to promote critical thinking and decision making within their designated institutions.

J.E.D Academy welcomes diversity into our institution of higher learning, opening our doors to all students of different ethnicities and backgrounds. As student population grows increasingly diverse in many countries and institutions, it is our responsibility to attend to these diverse needs (Chin & Tremble, 2015). Here at our Academy students are a priority, and their voices are heard when it comes to decision making that will impact our school and their education. Administration and teachers promote and encourage students to think critically and positively while modeling proper techniques for decision making and problem-solving. Our academy believes that our students can attain any goal with the tools that are accompanied with critical thinking and effective decision making.

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