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Choosing Academic Integrity Over Academic Misconduct: What We Can Do to Foster the Right Decision in these Challenging and Stressful Times

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24th Annual Jon C. Dalton Institute at FSU on College Student Values: Promoting an Ethic of Care: Student Well-Being as a Priority for Higher Education / Tallahassee, FL

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Stress among students is prevalent throughout higher education. Where success is measured by academic achievement, the never-ending quest for grades and pressure to achieve, combined with other, external demands, can create stress that leads students down a path of academic misconduct. This session will examine these stressors and academic misconduct, and explore measures that faculty and administrators can take to mitigate this all too-common occurrence, and by doing so, enhance students' well-being. The doctrine of in loco parentis will also be applied in examining the extent of the institution's reponsibility in fostering the right decision.