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Center for the Advancement of Education


Vocabulary Development, Process Writing, Invented Spalling, Language Development, Computers, Computer Banks, Thesauri, Brainstorming, Publishing.


This practicum aimed to expand written vocabulary for third graders through training in using a data base and brainstorming strategies. Individual thesauri were written and published to demonstrate the results of collecting vocabulary and applying it to specific topics. Daily process writing which gave the third graders time, ownership and response became an integral part of the curriculum. Class time became an on-going procedure consisting of reading, writing, editing. Author's chair and rewriting. Brainstorming and computer bank word collecting were developed and linked to all aspects of written expression. Mini lessons in publishing and the use of a thesaurus were demonstrated. As a result, published versions of individual thesaurus were written and illustrated by all members of the class. Outcomes of this practicum were very positive. All five objectives were reached successfully. In some areas results even surpassed predictions. Many unexpected gains with potential long term effects were noted and the data from the anecdotal journals kept by the facilitator and this writer indicates possibilities for school/district attention. The data from this practicum strongly indicates the following: (a) brainstorming techniques held children organize for writing and can be easily taught, (b) children can use data base for orderly collection of vocabulary, (c) children can write and publish their growing vocabulary studies in an interesting manner, (d) using process writing with the three previously mentioned techniques encouraged all the children to expend confidence in their ability to write and (e) writing became fun when it was supported in an orderly manner where children succeeded.

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