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Liberty University’s Drama Department has recently added a theatre appreciation course to this curriculum. The addition of this type of course has brought with it the demand for theatre field trips. The purpose of this study was to interview legal and academic personnel at the State Department of Education. Liberty University and selected local private college in order to provide rationale and information in the development of a field trip policy manual. Field trip questionnaires were designed to aid the interviews; then local colleges and state education personnel were selected for the survey of field trip information. The data obtained from the interviews and current literature aided the compilation of the field trip policy manual. The findings showed that all four institutions surveyed had no written field trip policy. Three out of the four respondents indicated a need for some type of policy regarding field trips. All four respondents felt their faculty were not aware, but should be aware of legal implications related to field trips. The findings also revealed that absence of any Virginia state laws specifically addressing field trips. Recommendations were made that Liberty University adopt the field trip policy manual developed for this study. Further research into reasons for the lack of field trip policies and faculty response to a policy manual were also recommended.

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