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At Northwest Wisconsin Technical Institute (NWTI), a need was identified to offer additional pre-service and continuing education courses designed to meet certification requirements of children care staff according to Wisconsin Rules for Day Care Centers for Children. The purpose of the study was to develop an educational program for staff of child care centers. Two major activities to accomplish that goal included (1) writing a proposal for a post secondary education program and (2) coordinating and analyzing curriculum materials for the Secondary Child Care Worker 40 hour Course designed to meet the educational needs of first level staff employed in child care centers. The program proposal for the six credit “child Day Care Program” was written and accredited by the Northeast Wisconsin District Board and the State Board of Vocational, Technical and Adult Education. Curriculum for the courses in the “Child Day Care Program” was developed and the program was implemented in October, 1980, with eleven full time students. A second section of fourteen full time students began in January, 1981. Full time students completed the program in 15-18 weeks depending on scheduling for the field experience requirement of the program. The second major activity was to coordinate and analyze the curriculum resources for the Secondary Child Care Worker 40 hour Course and the Child Day Care I Course in the approved program to meet the minimum educational requirements of the first level of child care staff. The resources were coordinated using the outline from the Wisconsin Division of Community Services as a basic framework. It was found that the NWTI and the University of Wisconsin-Stout Curriculum materials adequately covered the majority of the outline provided by the Wisconsin Division of Community Services. Recommendations include continuing and regular evaluation of the Secondary Child Care Worker Course and of the "Child Day Care Program," In addition, it is recommended that curriculum be developed and courses be offered for the more advanced levels of staff in child care centers as well as for other related areas of child care including Family Day Care, In-Home Child Care and Child Care Worker (for those working with troubled adolescents) and for continuing education for all child care staff positions.

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