Theses and Dissertations

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Doctor of Education (EdD)


Abraham S. Fischler College of Education


Steven A. Hecht

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J. T. Robinson


This study provides critical research on individual change and its impact on individual performance using the ADKAR change management model. This applied dissertation was designed to research improvement in call monitoring performance scores between two groups of customer service representatives’ (CSRs): the experimental group receiving the ADKAR change management intervention, and the control group, who did not receive the ADKAR change management intervention. The ADKAR change management model (Hiatt, 2006) provided the theoretical framework for the study.

The literature review revealed that change management is a critical component of organizational change but is driven by individual change. The literature informs that there are variables that impact an individual’s performance that is often not addressed by management that should be viewed through the lens of change management. Further, it is revealed that there is no organizational change without individual change, which in turn can hinder business results.

This study used a quantitative research design. Quantitative data was used by obtaining monthly call monitoring scores available from the call center. Additional quantitative data was gathered to discover if the intervention impacted CSRs job satisfaction. A job satisfaction instrument was used to collect the job satisfaction information from the agents

The study took place in a southeastern city in the United States. Participants were part of a call center that was comprised of approximately 50 agents. It is expected that the overall implications of the findings will indicate a positive effect on customer service representatives’ call monitoring performance scores and overall job satisfaction. This research can be a source of information to call center management in various industries.