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Doctor of Education (EdD)


Abraham S. Fischler College of Education


Ashley Russom

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Natolyn Jones-Ferguson


This applied dissertation was designed to measure the attitudes of teachers about bullying within the state of Delaware, to provide steps in reporting bullying incidents, to determine key factors teachers consider important for state bullying intervention programs, to understand teachers’ perceptions of the uniform definition of bullying and their perceptions of the Delaware bullying intervention programs, and to provide insight to the people who work with victims in the state of Delaware to ensure that bullying is being addressed. In 2010, due to several incidents of suicide caused by bullying, a consortium was convened by Family Court Chief Judge Chandlee Johnson Kuhn. Since this event, representatives and legislators addressed bullying prevention and realized that many organizations were doing excellent work, but resources were difficult for families to navigate. The researcher provided insight, knowledge, and awareness to help staff protect and provide helpful resources for children, parents, and educators regarding how to address and prevent instances of bullying. The resources on these databases provide students, parents, and staff with access to a) a new online resource database called; b) the ability to search and locate current bullying information; c) laws that focus on implementing Delaware’s first uniform policy to combat bullying in public schools; d) strategies to protect students against bullying by requiring consistency in how bullying incidents are reported; and e) a method for reporting incidents. Educators are encouraged to continue to use these services and resources for implementing bullying prevention programs because in the state of Delaware each school is required to establish a site-based committee to coordinate a bullying prevention program. The findings of this study provided insight that anti-bullying programs and interventions serve as a model to address the realities of bullying within the state of Delaware. However, the researcher incorporated the secondary teachers’ perceptions regarding the state of Delaware anti-bullying programs to enhance the existing programs’ effectiveness and awareness. These findings suggest more adequate consistency in monitoring behaviors and training is necessary throughout the school year in order to decrease bullying in schools and make environments safer.

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