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Sandra Anthony


The purpose of this study was to review systematically the research on the challenges and profound changes cloud computing conveys within organizations especially in cloud security. The cloud-computing phenomenon is an example of a disruptive technology rapidly transforming the Internet, social media, and business practices throughout the world. The research method proposed in this study was a systematic literature review following the protocol outlined by the Guidelines for performing Systematic Literature Reviews from the Campbell Collaboration and the PRISMA (Preferred Reporting Items from Systematic reviews and Meta-Analyses) checklist along with consultation in Software Engineering Systematic Literature Reviews. Databases consulted were ERIC, Elsevier, IEEE, EBSCOhost, and ProQuest Central. The search identified 218 potential studies and after the screening, 33 studies were selected that met the inclusion criteria and formed the basis of this review. The findings revealed the adoption of cloud computing triggered a business transformation initiative within organizations. And, as organizations discovered the transformative benefits of the cloud delivery service, business transformation became the primary reason for cloud implementation and expansion. Cloud security remained one of the most prominent challenge organizations faced in the cloud adoption decision. The evidence shows a yearly decrease in cloud security concerns beginning in 2014, and the trend continued up to the latest assessment in 2016. In addition, the evidence found that chief information officers (CIO) and chief technology officers (CTO) were losing influence in the cloud business transformation process, and to succeed, these leaders were required to develop a digital vision and strategic plans to lead their organizations into the new digital era cloud computing represents.

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