Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a data-driven mathematical process that incorporates machine-based-logic, usually in the form of algorithms. Education, training, and competencies are now conducted through virtual reality, robotics, simulation, and technology learning-based-platforms by healthcare organizations. This represents a significant change in the future of nursing practice. The adaptability of technology-based-learning platforms can impact the quality and efficiency of learning for some of the workforce population. Nurses' perception of technology and AI-driven nursing practice may vary based on generational orientation and can be a potential barrier to learning, practicing, and adaptability of this framework. The forging of well-trained resilient nurse leaders who will objectively review e-Learned AI algorithms with human assessment and overseeing will ensure quality care, and avoid underlying biases, and inequalities to prevent distorted pathways of care. Future nurse leaders can be supported by eLearned AI pathways but must safeguard and remain focused on patient-centered-care



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