This study aimed to identify the factors that lead to the ineffective practice and the decreasing motivation of the junior high school athletes for the physical training in preparation for City Meet and EVRAA. To point out the several factors contributing to the problem, the researcher used the Ishikawa diagram. An Ishikawa diagram is a visual representation that graphically depicts the relationships between a certain result and its causes. The studied effect or negative problem is called "the fish head," and the potential causes and sub-causes are called "the fishbone structure." It was found out that people as a factor, inconsideration of the student athlete’s privileges and incentives, the distance of the practice venue from the school, school service for transportation, availability, and maintenance of sports equipment are some of the causes that might result in a certain problem in introducing and uplifting sports to our students. In conclusion, the concerns that complicate a problem require professional agreement and smart decisions. This, in turn, will lead to a harmonious flow of events and a successful potential athlete that needs to be recognized in a certain field of skills. Motivational aspects largely influence athletes’ performance as well.



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