Improving the learning process in the high education through the use of a predictive tool (dashboard). De Jesús Liriano, Rubėn and Sevillano, María C., 2018: A Florida Distance Learning Association Journal (FDLA) Paper to be published in a special section of the US Distance Learning Association Professional Journal Distance Learning.

Interaction/Predictive Tools/Dashboard/Evaluation Learning Process/Automated Process/eLearning Environment/Learning Environment/Learning Management System (LMS)/Cloud Computing/ Learning Performance, and Learning Analytics.

The purpose of this study was the initial step in providing a clear understanding of the use of a predictive tool (dashboard) to improving the learning process in the higher education field. Through further applications and research, the predictive tool must be refined to increase accuracy, and provide expeditious, reliable feedback about the students’ progress in an online environment. This information will benefit e-learning facilitators in the following ways: 1) knowing their students and, therefore, identifying how best to deliver content to them; 2) applying the right predictive tool to capitalizing on the new experience and new opportunity; 3) taking value-added approaches to student engagement; 4) bridging connections in a precise manner between enriched content and e-learning; and 5) transforming e-learning into digital experience.



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