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Awake 12:48 AM

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Public Health Major, Dual Admission D.O. Student, Honors Student and Razors Edge Research Scholar

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Meghana Jagarlamudi is a sophomore public health major studying at Nova Southeastern University. She is a member of Razor's Edge Research, the Farquhar Honors College, and the Dual Admission Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine Program. Besides her passion for health communication and policy research, she enjoys writing poetry and visiting art museums.

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"'Awake 12:48 AM' was written during one of my sleepless nights. All of the memories from growing up as a second-generation South Asian kid came together to create a moment of self-realization about the pressure we face, not just beauty. When I first wrote it, the repetition of 'even if' showed my frustration of society telling us to find ourselves worthy even though it secretly favored another. Today, 'even if' has a different meaning to me; it should be a source of our determination despite any limits we face."







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