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MarieAnn C. Raguso is a veteran, scholar, and poet. In 2021 she had several publications, “Blame Game” and “Flesh” were featured in the Santa Fe Writers Project Issue 26, “Penetrating Darkness” was featured in the Wingless Dream’s Breath of Love Anthology, and in the May and June issues of the Dillydoun Review for the poems, “Drive Away” and “Lending Family Money.” Her love for writing doesn’t stop there. In 2017 Raguso was published in Hinnom Magazine Issue 4 for a short fiction story, “The Atlantow.” She also edited and wrote the screenplay for the 2007 indie film, Revival of Darkness.

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"As a woman veteran who was exposed to combat, death, violence, sexual assault, and other traumas during my time in service and after service with the VA, I felt I had something to say but had no idea where to begin. Upon attending college, I began to take poetry courses and fell in love with the art form. Not only that, but poetry allows me to be resilient against these traumatic, sometimes intrusive stressors and functions as a positive coping mechanism. So when I write, I write with my emotional intensity and always in my distinct voice."



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