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Biology and Behavior Neuroscience/ Pre-Med

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Although the COVID-19 Pandemic is not something of fiction, this piece itself is a story that many students can relate to and that should be documented. As a future physician, I must be able to take the morals of my experiences and turn them into renditions that will allow in improvements in many different directions. I wrote this in an essay/short story/ journal entry format because I felt that it would best portray the swiftness and urgency of all of the situations being discussed. My name is Ambika Kapil and I am a Senior at NSU. I am the Halmos Senator in the Undergraduate Student Government. and am also a member of the Indian Student Association, Pawsitivity, and the Pre-Med Society. I write because it is my outlet for talking. I love to inform, converse, and learn from those around me, but when I write, that is when I can take a second to see what my brain is retaining. I was inspired to submit to this journal because of the great care that my professor, Dr. Aileen Farrar, put into helping me be sure of my writing.

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