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Hand of Glory: I Get Nervous

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“I would love to build a performance arts academy dedicated to all forms of art. I write and photograph to capture God’s insight and understand His beauty.”

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I get nervous but I'm not really scared. If I am to look timid then honestly, who cares? Judgement can take it's place. I want to think about the mistake. The failure of not being myself completely, but I gaze at the cross and accept my forever weakness. I cannot make up for this day. The day that I walked up to a friend whom I know to an extent but yet in her presence I could not help but be nervous. My words were slur, my conversation was awkward, my body was numb. For a moment I had the devil tell me "man you are dumb." My worth is not in the moment. Thank God I was myself! I am not perfect. My identity resides in Christ even in my nervousness. #letusnotbedefinebyournervousness



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