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Empirical and Qualitative Data on Training Men with Lived ‎Experience of Sexual Abuse to Deliver Motivational ‎Interviewing

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International Society for Traumatic Stress Studies (ISTSS) 37th Annual Meeting

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2021-11-02 to 2021-11-05


This presentation provides a description of training male sexual abuse survivors to deliver Motivational Interviewing (MI) online to sexual and gender minority men with sexual trauma histories. All peers were recruited via two national non-profit organizations that support male survivors of sexual abuse. Twenty peer leaders were trained in person in May 2019 and 15 were trained online due to the COVID-19 pandemic in May 2020. Of the 35 peers recruited, 32 completed baseline data. All 32 endorsed the following reasons for becoming a peer: to assist others in their recovery, to build skills and gain experience, to make a positive contribution, to master new skills, and to help others realize their potential and as someone not defined by their abuse. At the end of their respective trainings, peers rated their knowledge of and beliefs about MI. There were no significant differences between cohorts, suggesting no issues in training delivery method. There were significant differences from pre- to post-training on MI beliefs, suggesting that training positively influenced feasibility and acceptance of MI. Of the original 35, 24 peers completed all training sessions and participated by running at least one 6-week group. Lessons learned and subsequent implications in providing training will be discussed.