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Tiempo Fuera: A Children and Family Trauma-Focused Humanitarian Mission in Peru

Event Title

2019 American Art Therapy Association Annual Conference

Event Location

Kansas City, MO

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Date Range

2019-10-30 to 2019-11-03


This presentation describes each step of a humanitarian mission in Peru so that it can be replicated in other parts of the US, Latin America, and the world. It incorporates the trauma-informed START-UP arts therapy and Strengthening Families programs. Children’s art work will illustrate the effectiveness of these culturally-adapted programs.

Objective 1:
Describe the steps necessary to plan and implement an arts therapeutic program in community-based, school-focused centers.

Objective 2:
Learn how to adapt and implement the early intervention, trauma-informed START-UP arts therapy program and the Strengthening Families Program to work with children living in similar conditions as the ones in the US and Peru.

Objective 3:
Understand and describe the effectiveness of these programs as illustrated through case studies of Tiempo Fuera children’s art work.