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2019 APA (American Psychological Association) Annual Convention

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Chicago, Illinois, USA / 2019-08-08 - 2019-08-11

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Symposium Topic: Older Women Who Work: Examinations of Grey and Grit

  • Chair: Lisa Hollis-Sawyer, PhD, Northeastern Illinois University
  • Participants: Mary Gergen, PhD, Penn State University; and Ellen Cole, PhD, The Sage Colleges. When Just Getting by Is Getting Old: Women Working in Later Life to Pay the Bills
    - Monica Teixeira, MA, Columbia College. The Impact of Aging and Authentic Leadership in a Higher Education Latina Leader
    - Julie Hicks Patrick, PhD, West Virginia University. Appalachian Grit and Older Working Women
    - Niva Piran, PhD, University of Toronto, Toronto, ON, Canada. Missions Continued: The Meaning of Work in Older Women’s Lifelong Journey
    - Ashley Stripling, PhD, and Jodie Maccarrone, MS, Nova Southeastern University. Gerodiversity - How Facing Adversity Across the Lifespan Can Facilitate Workplace Resilience
  • Discussant: Ellen Cole, PhD, The Sage Colleges

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