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Courageous Conversations, Actions and Advocacy in Counselor Education and the Classroom: Lessons Learned from the Duke and Duchess of Sussex

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Myrtle Beach, SC

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Pre-Conference Presentation

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Southern Association for Counselor and Education and Supervision Conference (SACES)


Courageous conversations, actions and advocacy will address not only strategies for enhancing the multicultural counseling course, but address tools for increasing awareness of microagressions. Examples from everyday life are compared to congruence as counselors and counselor educators. This session focuses on applying the multicultural counseling competencies through experiential activities, navigating the emotional rollercoaster of students’ reactions and making meaning of “in the moment” exchanges. This process-oriented approach will be presented in an interactive and transformational format to include a demonstration, pair-share activities and question and answer. Attendees will have a unique opportunity add to their Multicultural Toolbox.