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DRUGPATH: The Drug Gene Pathway Database for Polypharmacology and Drug Repositioning

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University of Miami, Miami, FL

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3rd Annual BD2K-LINCS DCIC Systems Biology & Data Science Symposium


The complexity of modern day diseases negates the ‘one-disease one-target’ approach to medicine. Additionally, pharmaceuticals can be sociable and bind to multiple biological sites beyond their intended targets, causing side effects which can alternatively be utilized towards drug repositioning. These factors alone make designing a combination therapy for a disease an arduous task. To ameliorate this issue, we have created a plat- form that integrates various sources to build a comprehensive database: DRUGPATH, a meta-database which maps interactions between drugs, targets, and biological pathways through the amalgamation of expert-curated sources such as PharmGKB, DrugBank, DGIdb, and the FDA’s National Drug Code database among others. This includes both entrez and ensembl gene identifiers, consolidation of the available brand/generic names of 15078 drugs, 6557 unique targets, and 4011 signaling, biochemical, metabolic, pharmacological, etc. pathway information obtained from ConsensusPathDB. DRUGPATH incorporates all of the above data into a single source, making it a powerful resource that allows the prediction of off-target interactions for any given drug combination therapy.