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Selection Criteria for Clinical Neuropsychology Internships

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Marco Island, FL / November 16-19, 2011

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Conference Proceeding

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31st Annual Meeting of the National Academy of Neuropsychology



Objective: Internship in clinical neuropsychology is an essential part of specialty training. This paper reports a survey of the applicant evaluation and selection criteria currently used at clinical neuropsychology internships.

Method: Training sites were identified from listings published by INS, AITCN, APA Division 40, and APPIC. Internship information was reviewed for concordance with the Houston Conference and INS/APA Division 40 guidelines. Utilizing these criteria, 103 internships that offered a minimum of 50% of training devoted to clinical neuropsychology were identified. Supervising neuropsychologists were contacted and asked to complete a 10-item survey of candidate selection criteria used in a prior similar study. Results: 72.8% of sites (n = 75) responded to the survey. Clinical experience in neuropsychological assessment, specialization in neuropsychology during graduate school, the interpersonal skills of the applicant during the interview, and letters of recommendation from clinical neuropsychologists were reported as the most salient selection criteria. Applicants who had completed graduate school curricula that provided specialty education in neuropsychology, with clinical neuropsychologist faculty and supervisors, were preferred. Internship supervisors valued prior practicum experience with neurological cases at university affiliated or V.A. medical centers, flexible assessment approaches, and supervision by neuropsychologists. Research experience was also viewed important by most internship sites.

Conclusions: Results indicate continued endorsement of the vertically integrated model of education and training outlined by the Houston Conference and INS/APA Division 40 guidelines for the didactic and experiential components of specialization in clinical neuropsychology. The number of neuropsychology internship sites has more than doubled during the past 10 years.

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