Capstone Title

Summary of Current Information on the Anemonefishes (Genera Amphiprion and Premnas)

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M.S. Marine Biology

First Advisor

Bart J. Baca

Second Advisor

Martin Moe

Third Advisor

George Barriere


The purpose of this work is to provide a compilation of available information on the 29 species of anemonefish. This paper will serve as a reference guide providing knowledge and information resulting from scientific research and papers, and documented breeding experiences through various hatcheries. This work is relevant as it is the first paper to summarize and collate information into one source. As such, it will serve as a reference source on clownfish for purposes such as aquaculture. Each species of anemonefish will be described providing information on: present day businesses involved in the aquaculture of specific clownfish, details involved in breeding and rearing, a summary current scientific literature on topics such as sex change, social structure, symbiosis, feeding, etc. Information was collected through various sources such as books, phone interviews, written surveys, acquisition of printed information (such as annual reports, newsletters, and advertisement flyers), internet websites, facility site visits, and an extensive literature search of scientific research papers. The data is divided into to main sections of: Clownfish Hatcheries and Individual Species Descriptions.

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