Capstone Title

Environmental Education at Nova Southeastern University: An Assessment

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Degree Name

M.S. Coastal Zone Management

First Advisor

Keith Ronald

Second Advisor

Curtis Burney

Third Advisor

Richard E. Dodge


Students at Nova Southeastern University in Florida were surveyed about knowledge and lifestyle concerning environmental issues. The study was designed to measure the effect of classroom education on actual habit change. Three groups: (Group One) students enrolled in the graduate program in Marine Biology or Coastal Zone Management, (Group Two) students who had taken one or two undergraduate environmental science related courses, and (Group Three) students who had never taken a university level environmental science course, were questioned. Subject material included resources and consumption, hazardous materials, energy, water, biodiversity, and personal attitude. Overall, students in the graduate program had the highest mean score ( 46% ), claiming they modified their habits the most. Students in Group Two had a mean score (37%) just above that of students in Group Three (34%).

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