Capstone Title

A Review of Sea Turtle Bycatch and Turtle Excluder Devices in the Shrimp Trawl Fishery

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M.S. Marine Biology

First Advisor

Curtis Burney

Second Advisor

David W. Kerstetter


Over the years, there have been many studies and discussions on the actual success and effectiveness of turtle excluder devices in the shrimp trawl fishery since their implementation. Although TEDs have often been cited as a successful bycatch mitigation tool, they have been the center of much controversy as well (Donnelly 1989; Lewison et al. 2003). Studies often vary with respect to area, nation, and study species, ranging from sea turtles to elasmobranchs (Brewer et al. 2006; Crowder et al. 1994; Lewison et al. 2004b). The purpose of this literature review is to evaluate the effectiveness of TEDs across countries, regions, and species and to address the challenges and issues, as well as their possible solutions, which surround the conservation concern of sea turtle bycatch in the shrimp trawl fishery. In addition, this review will highlight the key themes that are necessary for successful implementation and long-standing application of TEDs.

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