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Measurements and spectral modeling of neutral argon as a diagnostic in the ALEXIS plasma

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2011 American Physical Society Division of Plasma Physics meeting/

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53rd Annual Meeting of the American Physical Society Division of Plasma Physics

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Salt Lake City, Utah

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November 14–18, 2011


We present spectral measurements and theoretical results for an argon plasma experiment on the ALEXIS (Auburn Linear~Experiment for Instability Studies) device. Langmuir probe measurements for the electron temperature and density profiles along the line of sight were taken for a wide range of plasma B-field settings. Comparisons with theoretical models show that the plasma is not in ionization equilibrium. A theoretical spectrum is constructed using the line of sight profiles and recently calculated R-matrix atomic data. We also investigate the role of a non-equilibrium population in the neutral Ar metastable and how that affects the spectrum.

*This work is supported by grants from the US Department of Energy.

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Bulletin of the American Physical Society