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Spectroscopic Study of Superthin Galaxies and their Dark Matter Halos

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237th American Astronomical Society Meeting, VIrtual

Event Name

237th American Astronomical Society Meeting

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Conference Presentation

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January 11–15, 2021


We present a spectroscopic study of a large sample of 138 superthin disk galaxies conducted with the Dual Imaging Spectrograph (DIS) on the 3.5m telescope at the Apache Point Observatory (APO). The spectra allow us to model the dynamics of the galactic components including dark matter, using the galactic structure and the rotation curves simultaneously. We report a relation of properties of the superthin galaxies and their optical colors. The optical colors correlate with the rotation curve maximum, vertical velocity dispersion in stellar disks, and mass of the dark halo. A large fraction of blue superthin galaxies are dynamically under-evolved and have a low vertical velocity dispersion of their stellar and gas disks. The red galaxies have a much higher vertical velocity dispersion in their stellar disks, but also very large disk scale lengths. This ratio is under two in a majority of all considered galaxies. The dark halos have short radial-to-vertical scale ratios in the red galaxies with respect to the blue ones.

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Bulletin of the American Astronomical Society, Vol 52, No 1



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