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UV Spectral Properties and Line Indices of Active Early-Type Galaxies

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Galaxy Evolution: Supplement: Short Contributions of the Annual Scientific Meeting of the Astronomische Gesellschaft in Berlin, September 23-28, 2002

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A dataset of UV spectra of 22 early-type galaxies with signatures of nuclear activity is produced using spectra from the on-line archive of the International Ultraviolet Observer (IUE) satellite mission. We present both line flux measurements and index-color-diagrams in order to discuss the impact of observational UV properties on galaxy evolution. The comparsion of the mid-UV colors and absorption line strengths of the different galaxies exhibit that these objects are systems of similar averaged temperatures. According to expectations in respect of a galaxy age-metallicity relation the bluer systems have more metal-rich stellar populations–similar to that seen in local galactic disk stars. We also present emission line flux measurements which indicate that optically defined activity classes reflect their different behaviours in the UV-range, too.


DOI 10.1002/asna.200385007

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