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Oxidative Deamination of Amino Acids by Molecular Oxygen with Pyridoxal Phosphate and Cu(II) Ion as Catalysts

Venkatesh M. Shanbhag, Texas A&M University
Arthur E. Martell, Texas A&M University

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This paper reports the quantitative oxidation by molecular oxygen of the Cu(II) chelate of the Schiff base formed from vitamin B6 (pyridoxal phosphate, PLP) and p-sulfophenylglycine to the keto acid, p-sulfophenyl-glyoxylic acid, and the Cu(II) chelate of PLP oxime. In the presence of excess amino acid the Cu(II) chelate of the oxime becomes an intermediate in the oxidative deamination of the amino acid to the corresponding keto acid and ammonia, with Cu(II) and PLP as catalysts.