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NGC 4151 X-Ray Spectrum Variability: 2000-2007

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We present analysis of multiple X-ray observations of NGC 4151, spanning the period 2000-2007. Using the X-ray spectral modeling software XSPEC, the underlying continuum is well-fit by a broken power law and the ionized reflection atable REFLION, attenuated by two absorption columns. The columns were created as mtable grids using the photoionization code CLOUDY, and comprise a low ionization, low column density component, coupled with a higher ionization, high column density feature. While NGC 4151 was in a relatively low state in the investigated time period, the flux of the underlying continuum varied nearly sixfold among the observations. Affects of these variations on the continuum model parameters, as well as on soft X-ray emission lines and radiative recombination continua, are explored.


Poster Presentation at the Chandra X-Ray Center Conference, Cambridge MA

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