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Complete Synthesis of Carbonyl-Containing Compounds: A Guided Inquiry Approach

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A new, upper level synthetic organic chemistry course is being developed utilizing a guided inquiry approach. This particular project is focused on developing the potential library of target carbonyl compounds and corresponding simple starting molecules.

Figure 1 shows one set of a starting compound and target molecule, for which the route is currently being developed. A set of possible synthetic routes will be explored and fully tested, to provide guidelines for synthetic investigations for prospective students enrolling in the course in the future.

Carbonyl chemistry will be employed to develop complete synthetic routes for a set of target compounds. Synthetic strategies will incorporate functional group transformations, use of protecting groups, and the formation of new carbon-carbon bonds. The projects developed by the future students in the course will focus on the investigation of possible synthetic routes. Traditional organic purification methods will be employed. Target compounds will be fully characterized using FT-IR, GC-MS, and NMR techniques.


Poster presented at the ACS (American Chemical Society) Annual Meeting in Dallas, TX, March 17th, 2014

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